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Wickedly yours
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in fairelywicked's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
6:08 pm
Hey there Wicked fans,

Have you taken photos and/or video at a previous Wicked event (Wicked Faire, Labyrinth or Totally Normal Event)? Would you like to share said photos or video with us to use in a video? If you answered yes to both questions, please contact Aiden at: aiden1896@gmail.com or at: lcoleman@hartford.edu
5:41 pm
Volunteers Wanted
Hello All!

Wicked Faire needs you! If you are over 18 and have a valid driver's license (and clean driving record) that is. We're looking for Wicked volunteers to drive a shuttle van between the local train station and the hotel this year.

If you are interested please contact Aiden at aiden1896@gmail.com or lcoleman@hartford.edu
Please include your name and the best way to contact you (email, phone etc)

Saturday, September 15th, 2007
4:20 pm
In-Room Events, In Need of Rooms.
The short version: We have lots of neat plans but could use some hotel rooms.

Are any of you folks getting a room to sleep-in or party-in at night and want to volunteer it for something during the day? If so, do let us know!

Or wanting to do a room party but not having ideas/supplies/etc? ...we can use some spaces for all-night-long activities as well. :)

...You'll "Meet new people! Have fun! Enjoy!" And we might even be able to comp your Labyrinth ticket in exchange for use of your room. :)
Thursday, September 13th, 2007
12:16 pm
Part of a song I wrote, right when I started writing songs
"Revolution is a word we love to say
Never figured out what it meant, anyway
What you smashed last week--is on the street today
I want black and white, and all I get is grey

Time goes by, and I don't feel like myself
The weeks go on, and I could use a little help!
But I just sit back and watch myself go by
Don't want to leave--besides, I used my last `goodbye'

Punk is dead, and baby, I've seen better days...

Maybe I'll never know what's fake and what is real
And maybe it's easier to be told how to feel
But we are the children of angels, born from drunken deals!
My body is only flesh, but my dreams are steel."
Sunday, August 19th, 2007
11:49 am
I get this odd feeling of pride about venues
It's kind of weird, really. I seldom get tired of walking through a venue where we'll be having an event. I will walk through it, admiring almost everything. "And people will really like this! Oh, and we can do that!"

I guess it's logical. But it's a weird thing to feel about what is, essentially, a borrowed space.

Off to go look at the Holiday Inn again today.
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
4:03 pm
Bruce Campbell?
There is a small but real chance that one of the Wicked Events of the next year will feature Mr. Bruce Campbell.

Outside of that...
...my, it has been one stressful day. How're you?
Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
11:32 am
Convention organizing and me
"Okay, people, we're going to do some severe damage to a Beatles song now, called `Der Walrus'."

-Frank Zappa

So I spent this past weekend at Pi-Con. A very cool event, but not one I'd have been likely to go to for a whole weekend (because that's a lot of money and time, for my current budget)--except they were kind enough to invite me as a guest. ...and I realized that I actually haven't been to a scifi convention for more than half a decade. (Except I stopped by I-Con for about six hours, this past year, but that doesn't really count; I got there much later than I'd planned, and spent the whole time in the vendor room.)

At this point, I post some fairly personal thoughts about being on a panel on convention organizing. I have no idea if this is interesting to anyone outside of my own head.Collapse )
Thursday, August 31st, 2006
1:35 am
You - come work for us!
In the spirit of when you need something go to those who might have it...

Jeff Mach's Wicked Events needs people. If you or anyone you know is or might be interested in working at any or all of the events, please get in contact with Jeff Mach and the Wicked Faire staff.

We need vendors, performers and staff.

For more information on both Wicked Faire and Wicked Good Time go to http://www.wickedfaire.com/ (Left is Faire, Right is Good Time)

To contact Jeff Mach directly: jeffmach@runningwatermusic.com

Tell him that his corporate shill set you.
Sunday, January 29th, 2006
11:16 am
A man named Jason Webley
So today's a day when I plan to try to speak to some Jason Webley communities, and I thought I'd give a brief version of how he ended up playing our event. It's a slightly odd story.

I've never seen Jason live. I'd never even heard of him, but out of the blue, one potential Faire attendee emailed me and said, "Get Jason Webley, he's fantastic!">

Well, I'm obliging. Without even listening to his music, I emailed the fellow, sincerely asking if he'd like to perform, but assuming that he'd either not return my email (like the Dresden Dolls), or else quote me something reasonable-for-a-performer-of-his-stature, but way out of our league (as the management for the great Oscar Brand did. But I write about two hundred individual emails a day; writing one more wasn't going to hurt me.

Surprisingly enough, he emailed me back pretty quickly, and... frankly, he bent over backwards to make himself able to play the event. I was deeply impressed by his charm and friendliness, and I figured, "I should listen to this guy's music."

I did. And as you'd imagine - since he's one of our headliners - I loved it.
If you haven't checked him out yet, you should:

"Drinking Song".

Devil Be Good.

(You can hear a lot more at his website, JasonWebley.com". Unfortunately, the songs from his newest album, which are apparently really strong, don't seem to be working right now.

It was only after we'd worked out a deal and agreed to have the man attend... that I realized he was, in point of fact, pretty damn famous.

I had no idea, when I approached him.

I got lucky, and I know it.
1:11 am
Dream-costs, conventions, experiments
I doubt I'm the first to say it, and it's something I've said before. But I'll open this journal with these words:

Dreaming's never free.

I like to tell people that I left a corporate job as a VP of Marketing to go into business for myself, and this is not untrue. But honestly, it wasn't that great a job, and it wasn't exactly a huge salary (though it was more than I made for many years thereafter).

It's true, though, that I left it because I got a taste of freedom, and I wanted more.

People don't tend to ask me why I create events; they often ask how I do it, or what else I've done. But "why"? I'm seldom asked that, and I usually answer with in some disarming way: "Because it's something I love to do." True, and true-sounding enough that people leave it at that.

Full truth? Because in college, I was in a safe position to say, "Hey, if you're a freak, it's a good thing to be a freak". And I tried to encourage a lot of other people to feel that way. And on July 4, 2001, a year and two weeks after I quit my corporate job, I said, "What have I done, in the post-college years, to show that I still believe that? Because I do still believe it."

And my first major post-college event was born, and it happened, and it was wonderful, and it drove me many thousands of dollars into debt.

Five years later. Five years which included many hard lessons, often brought about by thorough foolishness, lack of wisdom, insufficient experience, disrespect for the principal of limitations.

Today? Some fear. A lot of caution. And much bigger dreams.

Next event in two weeks.

One more shot from the heart? I may or may not feel this way on February 12, but sitting here today, I can say this: for all the fears, for all the very real possibilities of things-that-could-go-wrong, this is where I want to be.
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